Moody & Boho Wedding on a volcano

Designer — Yulia Naturina

Sensation of 2018! Volcano Wedding Ceremony in Bali! — only at MIX Bali Events!!! — Our brand new Wedding package! — $1250

We created this package for our most unsual couples who are looking for offbeat ideas for a wedding ceremony. Imagine yourself standing on a hardened black lava in the caldera of a huge volcano where years ago flowed glowing avalanche streams of erupting volcano. Faced to a magnificent view of the volcanic mountain lake at a root of a volcano. Fantastic and the most unusual place in Bali to make oath of eternal love and fidelity! Сaldera of the Batur volcano is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Our team creates the unique decoration style reflecting the personality of a client for every event. Amazing and thoughtful design of wedding decorations made with the attention to every small detail just for your couple: accessories and color combinations, bouquet and images of the newlyweds — all for you in MIX Bali Events!❤️❤️❤️

View the photos of our stylish and fashionable MOODY & BOHO VOLCANO WEDDING of SOFIA and ALEX.❤️


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