WEDDING IN LOTUS over the tropical jungle of Bali and the mountain river — at MIX Bali Events — Wedding package — $1900

Bali is meant to be the place where the hearts of lovers are united in a magic organic whole.

The spirits of the sky, earth and ocean are witnessing your union, protecting it with the magic charms of the most magical island of Indonesia. Dreams come true in Bali!

Package Price:

With 1 night accomodation in a room overlooking the tropical garden — $1900

With 1 night in a room with the best view of the tropical canyon, jungle and mountain river – $2000


  • 1 night stay in a romantic room overlooking the jungle or tropical garden
  • Breakfast on a floating boat in the infinity pool
  • Wedding ceremony in the lotus over the jungle of Bali and the mountain river
  • A romantic candlelit dinner decorated with fresh flowers, an infinity pool dinner overlooking a tropical canyon and mountain river (the jungle is highlighted at night)
  • A ceremony with a Christian priest (or a Balinese ceremony with a Balinese priest, optionally, or with a holder);
  • Memorable certificate;
  • A bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom;
  • Arch of fresh flowers or a tent;
  • Basket for rings made of fresh flowers;
  • A altar table, decorated with fresh flowers and accessories in the style of a wedding;
  • Decoration of the venue: stylish wedding decorations made of fresh flowers and accessories in the style of your wedding;
  • A path of fresh flowers at the ceremony venue;
  • Flower rain;
  • Wedding cake, stylishly decorated with fresh flowers;
  • Musical accompaniment of the ceremony (recording);
  • Meeting with the coordinator before the ceremony;
  • Coordinator of the ceremony.

We recommend you to order in addition:

  • Extra nights — a room with a view of the tropical garden — $300

Room with the best view of the tropical canyon, jungle and mountain river — $400

  • Bath with flowers over the tropical jungle — $80
  • Floating Breakfast “I LOVE YOU” in the infinity pool with the installation of fresh flowers — $80
  • Pool, completely covered in flowers — $450

Additional services: 

  • Photo and video shooting (ask your booking manager for the list of our photographers and prices);
  • Make up $150
  • Live music: 2 guitarists 1 hour — $150, 4 musicians — $250, saxophonist — $250;
  • Balinese dance Legong, performed by 2 professional dancers in traditional Balinese costumes, 2 dances — $250;
  • 2 Balinese girls — bridesmaids, in traditional Balinese dresses with flowers — $220;
  • Balinese champagne (including serving) 1 bottle — $50;
  • Wedding white doves (pair) — $100;
  • Personalized designers wedding jewelry made of fresh flowers and shells created just for your couple in a single copy — from $50;
  • Sky lanterns to run into the night sky — $15 (pcs).
  • Garlands on the neck of fresh frangipani flowers for guests — $10 (pcs)
  • A romantic dinner — from $250 (ask your booking manager for the options);
  • Transfer by Luxury or Retro cars — from $100;
  • Light installations: garlands, candle holders made from coconut palm leaves, paper lanterns, sky lanterns, floating candles — from $15;
  • Buffet reception and tent installation — by agreement;
  • Chairs for guests (in a case, decorated with ribbons and flowers) — from $10 (pcs);
  • Room or villa decoration with natural flowers and candles (carpet of petals, frangipani garlands, bouquets and compositions of exotic flowers, orchids) — from $80.

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