12 reasons why your wedding should be in Bali.

Bali is top-ranked as an island of Love, Romantics and Dreams and considered the best place for a wedding. Let’s try to figure out why lovers from all over the world dream about this beautiful place. We found for you 12 main reasons — why your wedding should be happen exactly in Bali and made an impressive photos selection of our beloved and beautiful island.

Enjoy the article and get inspired before your romantic trip to Bali!

  1. Bali is the island of Love, the most romantic place on Earth. This is one of the most popular places for weddings in the world. Couples from across the globe go to Bali to enter into a marriage.
  2. Incredible beauty of Bali mesmerize from the first sight. Here you can find the most beautiful places for the Wedding ceremony: stunning cliffs above the ocean, snow-white sandy beaches, fragrant tropical jungle gardens, lofty mountains and volcanoes, picturesque rice fields, luxury appartments overlooking the endless ocean, or marry at a chic yacht in the Indian Ocean. Even far from romance men are on the verge of tears during the ceremony.
  3. Bali is the island of endless summer. Whenever you planned your wedding — December or June — in Bali you will always find a beautiful weather.
  4. Bali is a romantic Paradise. Its colourful ocean sunsets, fabulous landscapes, emerald rice terraces, enchanting mountains and volcanoes, waterfalls and lakes create a special atmosphere of Love Island.
  5. Bali has an infinite number of the most beautiful romantic venues where you can feel unity with each like there are only two of you in all over the world. Just imagine the romantic dinner by candlelight served only for your couple on a lonely beach or a high cliff overlooking the endless ocean or in a virgin jungle.
  6. Bali is a sacred story for two, a unique place on Earth where Male and Female energies are united by forces of nature in a single harmonious whole. In a traditional Balinese culture with its ancient rituals bride represents the energy of Earth and groom – the energy of a Sky. Such a union is considered to be fastened in heaven, and no one can destroy it.
  7. Bali brings you the Ocean of Love. The ocean is considered the artery of the whole Earth. It gives life to all life on our Planet. According to Balinese beliefs the ocean blesses the loving hearts with all its power, giving a huge force to a couple for their life together.
  8. Bali is a world resort with the world-class modern hotels, stylish luxury villas with private pools and an outdoor bathrooms and high-grade service.
  9. A wedding in Bali is advantageous and aссostable. You can have all in one: an unforgettable vacation in a tropic island, a fabulous fascinating wedding ceremony and honeymoon and delightful memories. Wedding in Bali is a real romantic adventure, the best beginning of your happy family life full of positive emotions.
  10. For citizens of most countries of the world visa is not required, or you can simply obtain a visa upon arrival.
  11. The price of our Wedding Ceremony package already includes everything you need for the event. If you need any additional services we provide – you can book it beforehead as well, not to postpone for the last moment.
  12. Organize your wedding in Bali simply and quickly. Our professional organizers will take care of your wedding. You will just relax enjoying each other and saving your precious vacation time. MIX Bali Events team will take care of your honeymoon and the Wedding ceremony in Bali.

Thats why Bali is the ideal place to join loving hearts in marriage!

Bali island awaits you!

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