11 years ago, we officially registered our company in Indonesia to conduct a legal event management business. We are professional and respect the law, and for 11 years of work we have always followed the changes of Indonesian regulations and  have come a long and difficult way, observing all legal procedures and taking into account all changes in the legislation of the country.

According to our documents, you can study the history of changes in the legislation of Indonesia over the past 11 years. We are open and show our legal documents in this post. We hope that now all the envious and ill-wishers will calm down and stop their attacks, provocations and lies about the illegal activities of our Agency.

We recommend to all foreigners who have arrived in Bali to work respect law and traditions of this country, always follow the legal procedure of commercial activity and business in Indonesia, contact specialists and conduct their activities in accordance with the regulations of Indonesia.

Warm regards
PT. Mix Bali Events